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"How to Become a Successful Listing Agent"

By George Paukert

Comments and suggestions on most pages! All text documents in Microsoft Word making it quick and easy for you to personalize!

Mr. Real Estate Dear Real Estate Brokers and Agents,

If you want to increase your business substantially, you are at the right website. I can help you increase your listing inventory using my "Real Estate Success Book."

I was a very successful real estate agent. My former broker and partner in the office thought I should be listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. Why? In my 10 years as a real estate agent, I never took any residential listing under 7% commission! Frankly speaking, I was more of a listing agent than a buyer's agent. And, I sold about 30% of my own listings!

My Real Estate Background

I had an incredibly good rate in obtaining listings regardless I was the most expensive agent around. Out of 10 listing appointments, I would take 9 listings. Further, I would determine the selling price ... not the seller. On top of charging 7% commission, I would not take any listing for less than 6 months!

This is not any B.S. or sales pitch. Everything can be verified since I still have copies of most of my listings.

Now you have the opportunity to take advantage of my expertise, aptitude, luck, or whatever it may be called and use it for your benefit. You know that if you are on a split commission, 50% of a 7% listing is better than 50% of a 6% or a 5% listing.

Yes, I was well trained. In addition to the excellent training I received from my first broker, I participated in Floyd Wickman's S.W.E.A.T.H.O.G. program. I am proud to tell you I graduated as the #3 S.T.A.R. (Skill-Technique-Attitude-Results) (I was no longer a Sweathog) out of a few hundred agents. I never missed one of Floyd's annual seminars. I also attended Mike Ferry's Annual Retreat in Palm Springs, CA almost every year.

However, my ultimate weapon was my listing presentation book which I have always called my Success Book. My entire presentation was canned and I had all the right answers for the sellers ... right in the presentation book.

I even got listings while I was sleeping. I'm serious. How? I hired an assistant to download the expired listings after midnight. He knew the criteria I was looking for in listings, so he would select the top candidates. He would then put a copy of my presentation book in an attention-getting package (like FedEx packaging) and leave at the front door of the targeted houses. When the owners came out to pick up the morning paper, they found my presentation book as well - including listing forms to be signed. So, while I was still asleep, my listing presentation books were doing the sales pitch for me! Then late in the afternoon my assistant would pick the books up and set the appointment for me to finish the listing.

Regarding expired listings. I found over the years that 27% of the expired listings cannot be obtained because the sellers made prior arrangements with agents prior to the expiration date of the original listing. I know, because many times sellers called me while they still had their property listed and said they wanted me to re-list their home when it expired.

On the other hand, 73% of sellers are ready to list with another company/agent when their listing expires! Expireds make excellent prospects because you already know they want to sell their home. You just have to find a way to get their attention and convince them you are the right agent to sell their property.

You can have your own copy of my presentation book, but you will need to "personalize" it for yourself and your company using your materials. You should make several copies (4 - 8) of the books so you can drop them off at expired listings.

This method of contacting expireds eliminates talking to sellers who are upset because their house didn't sell and don't want to talk to all the agents bombarding them with phone calls. This will give you the opportunity to be the first agent with your foot in the door with a weapon that beats any promise over the phone. Many agents make the mistake of sending mail to expireds ... That just doesn't work because the mail gets there too late and there is too much of it.

You will find many ideas in the "Real Estate Success Book" that can help you not lose the listing. One of them is using creative financing to sell any house in 30 days and give the seller the list price he wants.

I used to compete with 6,000 agents in the Board of Realtors and 3,000 who were not part of the MLS. In my very first year in real estate ... in a brand new city for me ... I won several awards:

  • Three times I was the "Best New Agent" in an office of 450+ agents and one of the best offices in the country.
  • In my very first year, I grossed $100,000 in commissions - a green, inexperienced agent who really didn't know what I was doing.
  • In my second year, I moved to a different company and received awards for the most listings and/or most sales every month.
  • I also received an award from the Board of Realtors© for Most Listings.

Today I am publishing books, TV infomercials, and doing live seminars. You can check out my real estate products at my website Million $$$ Secrets.

I still kept my listing presentation book hanging around. And from time to time I would trip over it. Then, one day, I got the idea to sell the book and do something good for agents and brokers who want to increase their business. Don't think for one second that the "Real Estate Success Book" will ever win a Pulitzer Prize. What the book does for you is take the nervousness out of the listing presentation for both the agent and the seller. This is how the book will help you.

  • It innocently leads the seller into signing the listing.
  • It has the answers to seller's objections. If the seller has a stroke about signing a 7% listing for 180 days, you'll find a section called, "The Dreaded Commission" which will overcome that objection.
  • Because I was born in a foreign country and speak English with an accent, the book was there to make sure the sellers didn't misunderstand what I said because it was all there for them to read.
  • It keeps you focused so you don't get distracted.
  • The book is also filled with ideas for generating business.


Mr. Real Estate, "I hate to admit it, but when I received your Real Estate Success Book CD I was ready to send it back because I didn't want to do all the work to make my presentation book. But, I did it! It took me a couple of weeks to gather all the information together.

Guess what happened. This week I went on three listing presentations and I took ALL three listings at 7% commission! I even beat out the "old pros" who thought they had the market locked up for themselves.

Well, all I can say is thanks. Send this e-mail to others. It works."


J. Rupperti, Realtor

What is in the "Real Estate Success Book?"

Real Estate Success Book The original "Success Book" is almost 3" thick and contains 222 pages. I have published it on a CD as an electronic book which contains many more pages with my comments, suggestions, and explanations. Because most of the pages are in color, it would be too expensive to print a hard copy. Besides, it is not a generic book you can take "as is" and use it. You must take the ideas and personalize it for yourself. It is the IDEA which works with the sellers! I could take the book as it is right now on any listing presentation in any state tomorrow because the book is about ME - not about a company. That's what makes the "Success Book" different from anything on the market.

Newly Revised!
Comments and suggestions added to most pages! All text documents now in Microsoft Word making it quick and easy for you to personalize!

And to celebrate the revised edition of the Success Book, we'll include the following FREE Bonus Reports ... but only for a LIMITED time!

  1. Why the Seller Will List With You at 7% Commission!
  2. How to Get FREE Publicity for Your Business
  3. How to Get ANYTHING You Want in Life

And if you already purchased the "Real Estate Success Book" CD, just the new comments and suggestions make it worthwhile getting the new edition. And now, you can personalize those text documents quickly and easily!

When I was a new agent, I attended every real estate seminar and bought a lot of materials. I even bought a presentation book from Ron Rush whose package sold for $299.95. But his book was plain cold like the books you can get from your franchise headquarters. These generic presentation books won't get you listings!

Below is an outline of what you will find in the Real Estate Success Book." On the CD you will find explanations about what to do and WHY those things are in the book. This is especially for new or inexperienced agents.

  1. Personal Information. The book begins with some brief information about me and my family and it says - in bold letters - "I need your business!" This makes the seller realize I am a person just like him with kids, grandkids, pets, etc. This part must be personalized for you.
  2. How to Select a Real Estate Agent - why they should choose me to sell their home.
  3. My resume.
  4. Professional Credentials - copies of real estate license, certificates from seminars, continuing education, etc.
  5. Pictures of Importance - example, receiving MLS award for Most Listings.
  6. Who's Who in Sales and Marketing.
  7. Information about the Company/Office I represent. Incorporate a few pages into your presentation book, but don't overload it with company or franchise information. Why? Because 99% of the sellers don't care what company you are with, how old you are, how good looking you are. The seller only needs to believe you are the right person to get his home sold! Nothing else.
  8. Letters of Recommendation (Testimonials). You let the sellers read selected parts of the letters and you read parts selected by you.
  9. Benefits of Hiring George Paukert.
  10. The Recipe to Get Your Home Sold. This always got a chuckle out of the seller. At that point I knew whether they were going to sign the listing. If the "ice" didn't thaw at that point, it never would.
  11. I Know How to Find Buyers for Your Home. This is where I showed them pictures of homes I had recently sold. At the end, there was an empty space with "This space is reserved for your home."
  12. Expired Listing - Letter from the seller.
  13. Million $ Homes. Some agents don't work that market. I worked ALL price points. If you are going into work the high end homes, you have to show the wealthy people you understand them, their homes, and their markets.
  14. How George Markets Homes. This is where I include ads, newsletters, seminars, TV, radio, and Internet. You can use your own, your company's information, or whatever your Board can provide. At this point the seller is overwhelmed and is assured he has the right agent to sell his home.
  15. New Ideas in Marketing Houses - new ideas at work.
  16. The Steps in the Selling Process. This is very, very important because most sellers don't understand the sales process; they don't know who selects the lender, escrow company, appraiser, and why. All future surprises, including not getting the right appraisal, are handled right here.
  17. Benefits of Hiring George Paukert. Yes, again.
  18. The Basic Speed Limit - very important. This consists of 55 things the Seller needs to do in order to sell his home and 10 things to do if they want to get full list price.
  19. Floyd Wickman's Property Salability Checklist.
  20. Seller's Bill of Rights.
  21. George's Personal Philosophy.
  22. Sold Sign - A system, not a gamble - that's what we both want.

At this point I would begin going over the listing agreement that was filled out with everything but the property address and seller's signature. If the commission becomes a problem, you have the 3-page explanation of the "Dreaded Commission". I didn't need it too often, but when I needed it, the objection would be overcome without getting into much discussion with the seller. Hopefully, you won't need it, but if you do, it's there.

It goes without saying, you will also need your CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) which includes at least three comps and current listings available in the neighborhood.

Here's a very important selling "tip" for you. Selling is creating relationships - nothing else! Selling has nothing to do with the company, discount commissions, weather forecast, or economy predictions. If you cannot hit it off with the seller, you will not get the listing.

This is why your "Real Estate Success Book" must be highly personalized about you and you only. There should be very little about the company. Trust me ... I have been in sales for over 30 years and have learned through experience what it takes to make the sale, or get the listing.

I'd like to take a moment and give you an example of how important the relationship is when you are selling. At one time in my life I was a very successful manufacturer's rep, calling on the largest retail accounts in the U.S. I am the guy, who with my wife, Arlene, outsold any organization - large or small - in the sales of bread making machines in 1988. That was the first year these appliances were imported to the U.S. from Japan.

At the time we represented the Hitachi Corp. which had the most expensive bread making machine on the market. We sold over 7,500 pieces out of a total 15,000 pieces imported to the U.S. that year. We also established a record with Hitachi. No other independent rep ever sold over $1 million of one item! To be exact, our sales totaled $1,280,000.

How did we attain these numbers? We created a relationship with the buyers. We went out for dinner with the buyers and their wives and we became friends. When they come to my area, we always get together and vice versa ... even 14 years later! (By the way, I had the same type of presentation book when I was a manufacturer's rep and it did the selling for me.)

The "Real Estate Success Book" will help you create that vital relationship. Although selling is about relationships, you must still be knowledgeable about your product ... in your case, real estate. You see, the relationship is built on the fact that you know the most about the product (real estate) and, therefore, you are the best salesperson around. But, until you have that relationship, you cannot sell anything.

The same is applicable to you. If I don't build a relationship with you through this web site, you won't buy anything.

This is one reason why Internet sales are so difficult to obtain. The seller is trying to use a machine (computer) to the job of a human being. The problem is that a computer cannot do what you can do in person.

If I visited your office, I could probably sell the listing presentation book to 95% of the agents. Why? Because I would be there in person. The agents could see me, touch me, ask questions, and we could easily develop good relationships.

On the Internet, I don't have that advantage. Even though I put my picture on the web page and use a personal letter-style of writing, nothing can substitute for me personally. Audio may add a little more of a personal touch, and video much better. But, still, the personal approach wins every time!

You have the basic outline of my "magic" book. The "Real Estate Success Book" ...

  • Does the selling for you.
  • Delivers listings at 7% commission or more.
  • Delivers expired listings without much work.
  • Is the best tool for your success.

I know many agents don't use a listing presentation book because the sellers would tell me about it. I can't imagine an agent going out on a listing appointment without it. Such an agent would never get the listing after I did a presentation using my "Success Book!" Not even if he was the seller's son!

A good example from my presentation book appears on page 2 where you will find pictures of my cats - see below. (Star is on the left, Fisbo is on the right.) This starts to create the relationship. Since half of America owns cats and the other half owns dogs, I have a picture later on of me with a dog belonging to another seller. Because the majority of home owners have pets, I showed them I had something in common with them. It was a real icebreaker! This also assured the seller that I understood how important their pet is to them and would not let the animal get out of the house when showing the house to buyers.


My wife and I adopted both cats while I was in the Sweathog program. That's where Star got her name (skill-technique-attitude-results) and she has always had an "attitude." We had to change the spelling of FSBO's name to Fisbo because the vet couldn't pronounce it and couldn't figure out what it stood for!

Agents have always asked me how I started taking 7% listings. (I am pretty sure I am the only real estate agent who never took less than 7% listings for residential real estate.) At first it was training from the first company I worked for. They would not charge agents the franchise fee if they took 7% listings. It meant more money in my pocket not just for the increased commission, but also no franchise fee. Then it became an obsession with me not to give up and keep the world record straight.

I think I proved to you above that this is a no B.S. book and I was not a B.S. agent. This is a real deal and you can benefit tremendously. This is another thing that always worked with sellers: HONESTY!

Here's How to Order

Real Estate Success Book If you are a zillion dollar producer, you don't need this book. However, if you are a new agent, or you are starving because you are not doing enough business, The "Real Estate Success Book" can be yours for only $99.95 (+ shipping/handling)! I know many of you have very limited budgets, but this book is vital to your real estate career! I don't care if you have to beg or borrow the $99.95 - you simply must have it.

With this small investment (under $100), you can start getting expired listings and contacting FSBOs tomorrow. Before you know it, you will have 30 listings and you are on your road to success and out of poverty. When you follow what is in this one-of-a-kind book, you should be easily be able to maintain a 30 listing inventory - even without an assistant.

Plus, if you learn about creative financing, you may be able to sell 100% of your own listings within 30 days and enjoy the 7% commission - no split with a selling agent! After all, it takes very little work to run your own ads to find buyers for your listings.

The "Real Estate Success Book" could be the most important purchase of your life. Trust me ... it will work for you. You can "steal" all of my ideas. Copy anything you want ... you have my permission. Just replace my name with your name!

Real Estate Success Book CD
Price: $99.95 Shipping: $7.95


Real Estate Success Book CD
Price: $99.95 Shipping: $12.95

We accept all major credit cards - Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. It will pay for itself many times over!!

GUARANTEE: I usually give a 365 day guarantee on my books. However, since the "Real Estate Success Book" is an electronic book, I cannot offer any refund. The reason is that any book on CD is considered software and no software is able to be returned. However, I am sure you won't be disappointed.

As I said before, the "Real Estate Success Book" is yours to copy and suit your needs. You can use any or all of my ideas. You have my permission to copy anything you want. 

This listing presentation book is  the easy way to get to $100,000 and more in real estate commissions.  Don't forget, you can also use it when you meet your buyers -- I did!

Real Estate Success Book CD
Price: $99.95 Shipping: $7.95


Real Estate Success Book CD
Price: $99.95 Shipping: $12.95

We accept all major credit cards - Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

I wish you tremendous success in your real estate career!

Best regards,

George Paukert
Mr. Real Estate

P.S. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. The best way to reach me is by sending an email to: Mr. Real Estate. You will receive my personal reply.

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