America’s First Communist President




In 1967 I knew that Bill Clinton would one day be President of the United States of America. Richard Nixon learned about it in 1972 and Hillary Rodham learned about it in 1973!

Who am I and how good is my information? Is this just another attack against President Bill Clinton? Another "right wing conspiracy?" Let me tell you my story and I'll give you all the proof possible that the statement in this headline is absolutely correct! There is plenty of circumstantial evidence to support the statement. There is material evidence in the KGB archives in Moscow that could shed a lot more light on what could be the greatest shock of the year 2,000, "Clinton’s Biggest Lie."

In 1972 I was convinced that Richard Nixon was going to reveal this information to the American people. He didn't. Instead, he chose to resign in disgrace. Hillary Rodham could have gone public with the information she learned in 1973 but she decided that opportunity was knocking at her door. Instead of calling the FBI, she decided to marry Bill Clinton who later became our President.

The story may sound far-fetched to you. However, when I give you the details, names, and dates it should be easy for you to verify the facts. If anyone should ask me why I didn't reveal this information to anyone in the last 33 years, the explanation is very simple.

• Only a small number of close friends and my wife knew about it. However, no one had any idea what to do with this information. And I still don't know what to do with it.

• Bill Clinton is suspected of being involved in the murders of at least 80 people. If you go to any of the anti-Clinton websites on the Internet, you will see lists of people who had mysterious car crashes, mysterious suicides, mysterious airplane crashes, and some were even shot execution style. I didn't want me or my wife to become one of these statistics. And I still prefer anonymity versus being a celebrity.

• Another problem is that no one had any hard evidence against Clinton. It was always "he said, she said" or "he did, she did." In the case of Monica Lewinsky, there was finally hard evidence - the semen stain on her infamous blue dress. That was the only time he was a little careless. Otherwise he could easily say he had nothing to do with her. He was never caught in anything - pretty slick for a crook who spent his whole career in public life. Paula Jones? Clinton gave her a gift of $900,000. So I have the same problem as the others: To find hard evidence against him.

Genifer Flowers was the only person who lived to tell about her life with Bill Clinton. Few other women who were raped by Bill Clinton lived to tell the truth. Obviously there is no good reason to kill someone after the information is already out unless you want to bring more suspicion upon yourself.

So, in order to protect myself and my family, I printed copies of this report and distributed them among friends so they can send them out in case we have a "mysterious accident." I made these copies to:

• Protect my life and that of my family

• Use all investigative forces we have to go out and dig up the truth

• The country and the world deserves to know that Bill Clinton and Al Gore are the most crooked, poisonous, and lethal leaders America ever had.

If Al Gore had been elected President, his administration would have been just be a continuation of Bill Clinton's plan to make sure communism is spread world-wide and change America from a capitalistic country to a socialist one.

How do I fit into this picture? How do I know that Bill Clinton is a communist spy?

It’s a long story, but let me unravel it slowly so you can understand how an absolutely uninvolved bystander like myself can have information of such magnitude. Let me start at the beginning ...........

I was born 1940 in communist Czechoslovakia. Actually, this is incorrect. I was born in Mahren and Bohmen. This is what Czechoslovakia was called during the Nazi Occupation. When people ask me where I was born I always answer "Czechoslovakia" because this is the country name people are familiar with.

It was a trying time to live under Nazi Occupation. In 1948 the communists took over the government in a coup d’etat ... they put a gun to the president's head and "asked" for his resignation. If that was not enough, they threw the Minister of Foreign Affairs out the window. This was the beginning of communism in Czechoslovakia. I'll spare you the details, but knowing how communism began in Czechoslovakia is vital to understanding the relationships among the players in this account.

My father was a communist. My mother was a staunch anti-communist. My father's brother was a communist and his wife was a communist. My mother's brother, also an anti-communist, was arrested several times for suspicion of anti-communist acts. Nothing was ever proven, so they let him go. The men had to keep jobs and support families. Whether they believed in communism or not didn't make any difference. They became party members so they could keep their jobs.

Somehow I was the apple that rolled far away from the tree. I was known as a staunch anti-communist. It was very dangerous to have such a reputation, but what do you do when your career was ruined at nine years of age. (A nosy neighbor reported you to the "appropriate people" because she heard overheard me playing with my friends and say the American Air Force was the best.) The report the neighbor made on me as a nine year old boy flying the American plane came to life and began haunting me when the time came for me to select a profession, the college to attend, type of job, salary, and everything else that could affect my adult life. In other words, the "authorities" determined that at the age of nine, I was already a solid anti-communist!

Somewhere in the early 1960’s I met a woman who was a member of the Communist party and later married her. I guess the situation among friends and family was so complex because of party affiliations that we lived in a world where we didn't trust anybody. It was considered normal for a son to report his father to the authorities for anti-communist activities. So you had family gatherings where some family members were Communists and others were not. You don't destroy family values because of political affiliations. On the other hand we very seldom discussed politics because if we did, we would end up in huge arguments with each other.

Now you are probably wondering how a staunch anti-communist like myself could marry a woman who was not only a party member, but had access to some of the most confidential information. Of course I didn't know that when we met.

Her father held the rank of Major in the Secret Police but used a different job title as a cover. But we were young. I guess her party membership was good for one thing. I acquired some powerful friends that could help me get out of jail if I ever crossed the line of acceptance of what I could and could not do. Later I discovered that my father’s nephew (my cousin) was a Colonel in the Secret Police. All of these people were cooperatives of the Soviet KGB.

I have not seen the structure of the Communist party explained properly in the West. At least I never read a knowledgeable book about it. But I am not going to go into the details of the bureaucracy. I'm just going to give you a few examples to prove that I know what I am talking about and how the structure of each organization was important for me to get information that Bill Clinton is, indeed, a Communist spy.

The Communists established a "route" you had to take in order to become Chairman of the Politburo or First Secretary of the party. I'll give you two examples. Boris Yeltsin was the First Secretary of the Soviet Communist Party of the Moscow organization. In other words, before you could become Chairman, you had to run the capitol city’s party organization. From that position you could step up to Party Chairman Secretary.

Another example is Alexander Dubcek. Before he could become First Party Secretary, he was put in charge of the Prague (capitol city of Czechoslovakia) organization. This in itself was a little odd because he was a Slovak and the Czechs and Slovaks never got along very well. (There was also a language difference.) This stems from World War II when the Slovaks betrayed everybody by becoming a Nazi state and supporting Adolph Hitler.

There was another part of the structure which has critical importance for my story. Absolutely critical. The top leaders - I mean the First Secretaries and the other top honchos of the party organization belonged to their local organization. In other words, Dubcek belonged and was making visits to his own local organization somewhere in Slovakia. It is vital that you understand this part of the party structure in Czechoslovakia. I can't say the same about all other communist countries. I simply don't know and never had any interest to find out.

There is another important factor on the route to the position of First Secretary of the Communist party. You had to be trained and educated at Lenin-Marx University in Moscow. You had to speak Russian. Those people who would go to Moscow for further training would become future party dignitaries, ministers of the government, or President. Without that training you couldn't get anywhere.

There was one further requirement - a huge requirement. You had to be from a working class family, a member of the Proletariat. My fate was decided the day I was born. My father was an accountant and held what we in America call a "white collar" job.

You could not hold any important office in the organization if you had a "white collar" background or if you were Jewish or a member of any other national minority.

The last important factor was when you became a party member. My father joined the Communist party in 1948. That made him a bad Communist. Everybody who wanted to keep their jobs became a member in 1948. Although my mother was a staunch anti-communist, her parents were die-hard communists. They became party members in 1923. They were considered to be national heroes because that was the beginning of the Communist party in Czechoslovakia.

I'll never forget the first time I met them. I think it was in 1956. They came to visit us all dressed up in their Sunday best. In the lapel of their jackets both of them wore a pin with the Communist insignia. Wow! Regardless that there were many people who were Communists, nobody wore that insignia. I could never figure that one out!

My wife and I would tease each other about communism. She had her info from the "horses’ mouth" and I had my info from Radio Free Europe, the BBC, the Vatican and any other stations I could catch on the radio. Of course the radio waves were jammed. In order to hear anything, you had to listen at night and turn up the volume. If you had "paper" walls, and your neighbors could hear it, they could report you to the authorities and you could be arrested. But my wife didn't care about my anti-communist activities. As I said before, we had a strange relationship.

Before you read following, there was no chance, no possibility, no idea, that I would be living in America one day.This is important to understand.

In the Spring of 1967 she "hit me below the belt." She came home from work one day and said, "We (meaning the Communist party) are going to have our own President in the White House. We have an American Senator in our pocket." I asked her questions, especially how were they going to get a communist elected President of the United States. She told me the shocking news in detail.

In 1954 a collective Soviet Politburo decided to find a "sleeper" in America, preferably without parents, from a totally unknown family. They would take care of his education and would groom him to become the future leader of world communism.

Let me add a comment here. After Stalin’s death in 1953, the Soviet Communist party had a difficult time deciding on a leader. There were 5 candidates for the post of First Secretary. The most logical choice was Malenkov, Stalin’s secretary, who had all the secret communist files. Second in line was Beria, leader of the Secret Police. Third was Molotov who was probably the shrewdest communist ever. Fourth in line was Bulganin and he was sort of in charge until the shooting started. The fifth candidate was a man everyone under estimated: Nikita Khruschev.

There was a "Gunfight at the OK Corral" in the Kremlin over who would get the top post. According to my wife it was an actual shoot out. Ultimately it was the man most unlikely to succeed, Nikita Khruschev, who became leader of the Soviet Union.

It is true that Khruschev was working toward nationalizing farms and everyone thought he was powerless. Somehow everybody "forgot" that he was Stalin’s #1 man. He was the #1 killer of peasants in the Ukraine and was responsible for millions of deaths. He was the most evil man Russia ever had but nobody knows this about him. He even executed hundreds of his own party members! Eventually Khruschev got rid of the other four candidates and took the Soviet Union into the most dangerous era for the whole world. He was the man who came up with the idea of "let’s do what the spies do." We'll bring parents to the country, let them have children, and we will wait a generation to cultivate a spy. Yes, it works and it is still being done today.

Then I asked my wife which Senator was in the communists’ pocket. She told me it is George McGovern. She also told me Moscow started him with $600,000 for his services. However, in 1967 I was positively, absolutely sure I would never be living in America so the information which seemed to be important to know, had nothing to do with improving my life. At that time America was as far away for me as the moon. It was an impossible dream, unthinkable. So I didn't think about it much.

In 1968 when the Soviet and other communist country tanks started to occupy my country and "liberalized" our freedoms, my thinking changed. I decided to leave the country. Yes, I left illegally and was sentenced to prison in absentia. But that’s another longer story. When I left I kept a little contact with my ex-wife. Yes, I divorced her before I left. Her roots were in communism and she would not leave. My roots were nowhere and was hoping to put some roots down in a free country.

I left Czechoslovakia on Sept. 4, 1968 with an illegally obtained passport and exit visas. It was one of those things. I was leaving the country where I was born, went to school, and spoke the language. Now, where was I going? I didn't know where to go, how to get there, where I was going to sleep, or what I was going to eat. I guess it was one of those dark times in history when people do crazy things.

I ended up in Switzerland where I got a good government job, good salary, and a beautiful apartment from which, on a clear day, I could see the Matterhorn. All of my co-workers were very friendly. Every weekend they would take me around Switzerland or France. So I started to plan my future .... in Switzerland, in Europe. I am giving you the details so you understand how impossible it was for me to even think about one day being an American citizen.

In November or December 1968 I received a letter from my uncle (the one who was arrested several times by the communists) that a long lost relative contacted him and is willing to help my immigrate to the United States. Since I was a young boy I always dreamed about living in America. I even had an old book written in English with pictures of New York and the skyscrapers. I looked at those pictures thousands of times, always dreaming the impossible dream. I never told anybody that I wanted to live in America because they might have considered me to be insane and take different action against me.

So, here was my situation. I had the choice to immigrate the following week to Canada, Sweden, South Africa, or Australia or receive Swiss citizenship in 30 days. You need to know that the Swiss don't give any outsiders citizenship, not even if you live there for 30 years! But they did it for the Czech refugees. Until then I had not made a decision in any direction when the offer came to go to America.

Of course the offer had strings attached. I could only immigrate from Italy, West Germany, or Turkey -- not from Switzerland. There was some kind of agreement about it between the US and Switzerland. The Germans didn't like me and I didn't like them. In fact I was stupid enough to call them Nazis and ask them for visas to stay for 6 months or longer in West Germany. At first they didn't want to give me any visa. That was when I reminded them of their Nazi past. It didn't sit well with them, but they gave me a 6 month staying visa -- not one day more. If my trip to the USA was not ready, that would be my problem and I would have to leave West Germany.

I believe God put us on this Earth with a mission. I believe my mission was to come to America and perhaps write this story. It took me over 30 years to do it. It was definitely with God’s help that I got to America within the 6 month period the Germans gave me. On the exact day my German visa expired I was on the plane to New York City. Normally the waiting time was two years.

The reason for details, it was not probable, that I would go to America. But I did. Maybe I am supposed to be in America with my information.

Let’s go back to the information I received from my wife. The information came from Drahomir Kolder. I met him and other party officials personally when I would pick my wife up after work. The party organization my wife belonged to was Kolder’s local organization. She worked at what we would call County Headquarters. Since I was from a city of the Proletariat (working class), lots of communists had the right background and the proper "Soul Appraisal", and the right character that I mentioned before.

Let me describe Mr. Kolder because that will give credibility to the information. I could swear he only wore one suit, a dark blue color. He always started the day with a white shirt and tie, but by the afternoon came around, he would roll up his sleeves and take off his tie. He was tall and bulky, a portly man. Loud and very powerful. He was Moscow’s "pupil." He lived and breathed Leninism and Marxism. Historically, he was the man who orchestrated the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia. How many men in the world could claim that type of power to be able to do such a thing! The letter from Drahomir Kolder to Leonid Brezhnev written in 1968 was kept "Top Secret" in a sealed envelope, "Never To Be Opened" in the KGB archives until 1992.

Another participant in the letter was Antonin Kapek. He, too, attended party meetings in the same organization as my wife. This was his local party organization. If you remember, previously I explained the structure of the party. There were four additional signatures on the letter: Alois Indra, Drahomir Kolder, Oldrich Svestka, and Vasil Bilak. I am sure I met Svestka, but never met Indra and Bilak.

I am as positive as I can be that the man who "spilled the bean" was Kolder. His party job seemed to be the connection between Moscow’s communist party and the Czech communist party. He always had interesting information when he returned from his trips to Moscow. Americans would call him a "Big Mouth." He was educated in Leninism and Marxism, if you can call that an education.

Let me put another person into play, Josef Kempny. He was a party member in the same organization as my wife. In 1969, after the Soviet invasion and occupation, he became Prime Minister. I guess Kolder and Bilak gave him the post. Yes, I met him, but never paid much attention to him because my wife always called him an idiot and a stupid person. So much about party members’ tolerance. But this shows you the structure of the local Communist party organization. They had some big players visiting the meetings like Kolder, the man who was the #1 conspirator and the man who got the Soviet tanks rolling into Czechoslovakia and Kempny who became the Prime Minister of Czechoslovakia in 1969.

The letter requesting the Czech occupation had some significance for the future. (Kolder passed this letter to Brezhnev via an intermediary.) To read the English translation of the letter, Click Here.

It mentions the "right wing forces". Do you remember hearing about the "right wing conspiracy" all through the Clinton administration? Personally I don't know who the "right wing conspiracy" is nor did I know who "they" (the right wing conspirators) were in Czechoslovakia. The Prague Spring of 1968 was driven by very smart communists and led by Dubcek, the First Secretary of the Communist party. I guess the "right wing conspiracy " in America was led by Monica Lewinsky. Yes, she must have been a "Republican operative" with "connections" to Israel. (A little sarcasm here.)

Let’s look at the real facts. George McGovern, Democratic U.S. Senator visited Moscow and met with Leonid Brezhnev in 1967. Brezhnev gave him $600,000. Right after that McGovern went to Cuba and met with Fidel Castro. You have to keep in mind that even if you are the U.S. President and you come to Moscow, there's no guarantee that the Soviet Politburo Secretary will see you. The same is applicable to Castro. Access to those people is not easy. You can check it out. It’s true that McGovern made those trips and met with both leaders. McGovern and Clinton knew each other and worked together as KGB spies. And Bill Clinton was the chairman of McGovern’s election organization.

How does Richard Nixon fit into the picture? In February 1972 Mao Tse Tung and Nixon had a very secret discussion. China’s relationship with Russia started to fall apart. Mao was the only communist leader - except Brezhnev - who knew about Clinton and McGovern. Mao intended to make Nixon obligated forever - and he did.

On 2/27/72Mao revealed the information about Bill Clinton as a "sleeper" and the possible future White House occupant. He also told Nixon about McGovern and the money. Who can prove this information? Mr. Shi Zhe - very old, but still alive. He was Mao Tse Tung’s personal translator who translated Mao’s information to Nixon.

(This information was given to me by a very knowledgeable person, visiting USA that year.)

Nixon didn't know what to do. He almost made a secret unscheduled trip to the Soviet Union in April, 1972 but waited until 5/24/72 when he had a trip scheduled to the Soviet Union. Nixon wanted to verify that information. I can only suspect that when they both got drunk in Brezhnev's dacha, Brezhnev told Nixon the truth either intentionally or accidently. Or someone in Brezhnev’s party slipped. The reality is that Nixon returned home from Moscow. A few days later on 6/1/72 Nixon went to Congress to report on the success of his trips. The Democratic majority Congress gave Nixon a standing ovation.

(An important comment- I have this celebration of Nixon's triumphs on video. Made by CNN. If you watch the standing ovation, one must wonder, why he was planning the Watergate break-in.)

The very next day Nixon ordered a few men to break into the DNC headquarters in the Watergate. Nixon didn't tell them what to look for so they looked and looked but didn't find anything on 6/7/72. Nobody knew about this break in -- except the KGB. Someone in the Nixon administration who was very close to Nixon was a KGB agent! The KGB advised Bill Clinton and George McGovern about the first break in.

At the time of the second break in, the Democrats had their people waiting for them and caught the burglars. They knew the exact date and time of the second break in. Nixon was embarrassed. He tried to cover up the whole affair because regardless that he knew the truth, he had no evidence to prove it. The media always tried to figure out why the break ins occurred. Nothing was ever stolen and the thieves didn't know what they were looking for. In 1972 I really believed that Nixon would tell the nation why he burglarized DNC headquarters, who McGovern really is, and who McGovern’s election chairman and a very much unknown Bill Clinton really is.

I really believed that Nixon never revealed what he knew and I was never able to figure out why. But I had the same problem to come forward because everyone would laugh. Besides, I had no interest at that time. I felt politics was only for politicians. Let’s review one fact. The break in was NOT a political action. The polls told Nixon that he will win re-election in Nov. 1972 by a landslide. And he did. No other American President ever beat his record. Nixon was riding so high because of his successes, that it is truly unbelievable, that he would commit a burglary for no reason. It just didn't make a sense. I believe this is a very important fact.

How does Hillary Rodham fit into this picture? Bill Clinton never really liked Hillary. First, she was a Republican and from a strong Republican background. In 1972 she didn't care much about her appearance and was not trying to be or look sexy. Bill Clinton had sex with a great many of the girls in his class but it didn't bother Hillary - somehow these two got involved together...............

Here is one part I don't know how it occurred. It will take an investigative reporter to dig up the truth. Bill got Hillary an extraordinary job. The job was to listen to all of Nixon’s tapes and try to find incriminating evidence against Nixon. Or destroy any evidence against Bill Clinton and McGovern. I believe those missing 16 or 18 minutes was edited out by Hillary when she learned that Nixon had a conversation about Bill Clinton and George McGovern as Soviet KGB agents. I believe that's how their "marriage" came about. Bill and Hillary created an unbreakable pact between them.

Let’s take these facts into consideration. Hillary knew about the 15+ year sexual relationship between Bill and Genifer Flowers. Hillary knew about all the woman he raped. Hillary knew about Monica Lewinsky -- a few of Monica's visits were when Hillary was in the White House. How difficult is it not to know?

Even the Russians knew about the affair. How? You know our national security has been questionable for the eight years of the Clinton administration. Our nuclear secrets got to China - a communist country! There is a good suspicion that Russia received several large IMF loans to keep Yeltsin quiet. And Yeltsin is just another communist.

In 1969 Bill Clinton traveled through Europe. Supposedly penniless, he stayed in the National Hotel, the most expensive hotel in Moscow. That was the time he was staging demonstrations in Moscow against America's involvement in the Vietnam war. From Moscow he went to London doing the same thing.

After that trip, in 1969 he went to see his Oxford friend, the son of Jan Kopal, a Communist party leader in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Later Kopal's son died under mysterious circumstances. Here are the problems I have with Clinton's visit. To visit the home of the top communist honcho was next to impossible. Why? In 1969 the communist party purged 600,000 party members.It was time of no trust. Every communist was scared to death. No communist in his right mind wants to be seen with anybody from any western country, especially an American. It could cost them everything including their job and party membership. It was outright dangerous.It was impossible to get visas or even travel to Czechoslovakia at that time. It was a very dark year in Czech history.

But Bill Clinton was able to do it. How? Why? There is only one answer. Czechoslovakia was the headquarters for communist terrorism in the world. Agents from all countries were trained in an unknown location in Czechoslovakia. The country manufactured - and was the major supplier - of weapons for these agents. Maybe Bill Clinton went there for training. I don't know. What I do know is that to be an American and be a guest of a Communist party official is a strange combination, especially in 1969.

What's truth and what's fiction? The information about Bill Clinton and George McGovern is positively true. Nixon’s involvement is my logical deduction from all known facts. Nixon had absolutely no reason to ruin his presidency if national security was not involved. In 1972, after the Watergate burglary, Nixon was re-elected by the biggest landslide in our country’s history. He achieved friendship with China, signed important military pacts with Brezhnev, and ended the Vietnam war. He was a national hero. So why would he lower himself to an act of a petty thief? It doesn't make any sense. But in view of my information, it makes a lot of sense.

Regarding Hillary’s involvement. It is true that she listened to all of Nixon’s private conversations and confidential information about our country. Bill Clinton found the job for her. The fact is that only 7% of all of Nixon's tapes are available. 93% of the tapes are still under lock and key. They could certainly shed more light on the entire situation. If you go over the old TV films about Nixon and Watergate, there is obvious surprise on Nixon's part about the erased tapes. Nixon didn't know how or why it happened. He tried to lie about it because he didn't know the truth. The logical choice would be a Hillary .... a woman willing to do anything for power. No, I can't prove that Hillary did it. I have to assume that after so many years of a relationship with Bill Clinton she had to know the truth about his real past.

This is up to you, investigative reporter. Investigate. Find connections through Riady, a Chinese communist. No, world communism is not dead. It’s alive and kicking. In Poland, the historical battleground against communism, a communist won their Presidential election a couple of years ago. So, a communist is now the Polish President!

Communism is about taking over the world. There are one billion Chinese which means at least one sixth of the world’s population are communists. Russia has a communist leader in place. China has a communist leader in place. Now Poland has a communist leader in place. In America a communist leader, William Jefferson Clinton was in place. Need I say more?

Finally, I would like to say something that makes the information I just shared with you very possible. Over the years many statesmen, politicians, and even presidents were spies for "other" countries. For example, Admiral Canaris, Hitler’s #3 man, was known to work for Great Britain. Leon Trotsky, the Russian Bolshevik leader, worked for western intelligence. Antonin Novotny, the Czech President before Dubcek, worked for the Gestapo. So, it is conceivable to believe that an American President could work for the KGB.

During the Watergate scandal, there was an informant who nobody knows the identity. Even today no one knows who "Deep Throat" was. Obviously he was the KGB agent who warned McGovern and Clinton about the second burglary of the DNC which occurred on 6/17/72. It had to be someone very close to Nixon. The man who was closest to Nixon has, today, a huge organization in China. He always had contact with Chinese communists. He is also the man who wants to run the New World Government. Perhaps this is another piece of the puzzle.

Believe me, there was no ping-pong diplomacy for Nixon to visit China. It was Henry Kissinger who "allowed" that happen. It was Kissinger, who "allowed" the war in Vietnam to be over. And it was Henry Kissinger who wanted the Watergate case to be investigated from another angle. He couldn't afford for the truth to be revealed. After all, it took him months of hard work to convince Bob Woodward to investigate Watergate.

In reality, there was nothing to be investigated about Watergate. A few burglars, who didn't steal anything ???????????

There is plenty of circumstantial evidence, that can prove most of the report above. There is some hard evidence, like McGovern's and Clinton's trips overseas. Probably even the $600,000 could be found.

As far as my story is concerned, I don't lie and my birth country's motto is - THE TRUTH WILL WIN. Somewhere in old KGB's archives is the whole story. Hopefully the files were not destroyed.

In 2000, I sent this report to few people, the major media people. And few less important. The truth is, the report was sent out on Friday. Nobody ever contacted me. I understand why. However, the next Monday, Henry Kissinger suffered a heart attack. Perhaps he read my report. The following week there was lots of noise about Watergate's tapes. They found lots of tapes missing.

More circumstantial evidence. I can put to this evidence exact dates, when my info went out. Of course my story, if proven true, would rewrite the history of the last 30 years. And of course it would explain many things Bill Clinton did, like giving Chinese our nuclear secrets, socializing with Riady, and many other mysterious circumstances of his 8 years in the White House. So, there are maybe new explanations of the 8 years of the Clinton presidency.